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In the meantime, let's share and learn from each other. Post your ideas below or on Twitter using #Libraries4BlackLives.

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Suggested Actions

An evolving list:

  • Join the Government Alliance on Racial Equity and other initiatives to begin addressing institutional racism in our cities and libraries. 
  • Make a decisive commitment to diversify librarianship and apply an equity lens to address the needs of librarians of color in hiring, retention and professional development. Start learning here.
  • Partner with local racial justice organizations and leaders to facilitate “race talks” that foster interracial community-building and lead to community-defined solutions. Just a few examples are here and here and here and here.
  • Use your institutional influence to advocate for alternatives to punitive policing in your library, your community and an end to police violence everywhere.
  • Continue showing support and fostering dialogue through resource guides, displays and programs that provide historical and contemporary context on issues of racism and racial justice.

Resource Guides