Amita Lonial  


Amita Lonial is a librarian in the Chicago land area. She is and passionate about the role of public libraries in social justice and was recently named a 2016 Library Journal Mover & Shaker


Amy Sonnie


Amy Sonnie is a public librarian from Oakland, California, where she has coordinated community engagement, youth leadership and adult literacy programs. Amy is on the board of the Center for Media Justice, a national network advancing media rights, access, and representation for marginalized communities, and she is the author of recent books on 20th century social movements for racial, economic and gender justice. Follow @bannedlibrarian


Jessica Anne Bratt


Jessica Anne Liddell is a newly minted Branch Manager. She began a partnership between the public schools and public libraries, which won national awards and was recently named a 2016 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. She met Amita Lonial and expressed interest in working on a common goal toward social justice in public librarianship. When she is not on Twitter, she can be found playing Fantasy War Tactics.


Sarah Lawton


Sarah Lawton has worked for public libraries in Colorado, Vermont and Wisconsin, and is currently Neighborhood Library Supervisor. Sarah's recent library work focuses on developing and applying tools to dismantle/interrupt institutionalized racism and elevate racial equity as a core principle for policymaking, planning and operations.